Denise Cares

In December of 2014, the DC Blue Devils Family lost our Momma T (TJ’s beloved Mom) at the young age of 57 to breast cancer.

TJ’s passion for giving back was a trait instilled in him by this beautiful women. Out of all of TJ’s incredible accomplishments as a player and person, his involvement with the Blue Devils was the thing that Momma T took the most pride in. She regularly made the trip from Delaware to attend any tournament she could fit into her schedule (this included making multiple trips to NH, Orlando, FL, Louisville, KY and more). We decided to dedicate the DCBD Program to her in hopes that her big heart and kind soul can live on through the work we do with the Blue Devils. As a result of this, the DC will now stand for “Denise Cares.” Our teams participate in the annual Susan G Komen Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk (and we are creating other DCBD Breast Cancer fundraisers) to give the kids an opportunity to get involved, give back to their community, and honor Momma T. We are forever grateful for Momma T’s support. The DC Blue Devils would not be where we are today without her and we know she will be guiding us in spirit for the many years to come.